Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A fun way to find out if your having a baby boy or baby girl!

This post tonight is about gender reveal parties! I wish I would have heard about them when I had my girls and I would have loved to have thrown one of these parties. The concept of the party is to gather your closest friends and family and reveal the sex of the baby you are soon to have. Some couples find out what they are having and throw a party to announce it to their loved ones and others throw the parties for their loved ones and for them selves as well. What you do is, go to your ultrasound and make sure to tell the nurse or Doctor that you do not want to be told the sex of your baby. Instead, you want them to write it down on a paper and seal it in an envelope. You then take that envelope to your bakery of choice and have them take a peek at what your having and bake the cake a pink color for a girl or blue for boy. At the party, when you cut the cake in front of everyone, you will find out what your having based on what the inside of the cake looks like. Party supplies needed for the decorating of the party are using the colors blue and pink. I would also tell those invited to wear a pink shirt if they think  its a girl or a blue shirt if they think its a boy. This goes for Mommy and Daddy too, wear what you believe you are having!

Their is another great way to find out what your having in a fun way without having to throw a party. Gender reveal photo session! This is such an awesome idea. You just do the same as mentioned before when you go to the Dr's office, except this time you give the envelope to your photographer. They will then proceed to get a large box and fill it with either pink or blue helium balloons. As your husband and yourself (as well as any other kiddos in the family) are opening the box, the moment is being captured by the photographer. Your faces will all be remembered with a photo as you see the pink or blue balloons fly out of the box. Its a pretty cool photo that I would have loved to have.

Here are some ideas of gender reveal parties and photo sessions:


The Cake Boutique

This cake design could be mixed with blue and pink instead of just blue for another great gender reveal cake!

Made By:

The Cake Boutique

Did you have a gender reveal party or photo session? Let me know how it went!


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